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The person you choose to marry you is going to share a very intimate and personal moment in your life. You want to select an officiant that you and your fiance both feel comfortable with and someone that you know will work with you to create the ceremony you want. 

It is your decision whether you want to have any type of religious expression in your ceremony. In my experience, I find that most couples will want to have some type of blessing during the ceremony. However, if they do not want a prayer, or any mention of God or the Bible, then I prepare a personal ceremony for them that just reflects their special love for one another. You have the right to insist on your personal desires being expressed.

I marry many couples with mixed religious backgrounds. When I meet with a couple, I ask them if they have any specific religious faith, and if they do, what part if any of their religious faith they would like to include in the ceremony. My ceremonies (which I write personally) are spiritual without reflecting any specific religious faith, but I can tailor-make it to suit any belief that the couple has. 


When selecting your wedding officiant, you will want to set a time to meet with him or her to make sure you have a good feeling about this person, they will be a big part of your wedding day. You should be able to have an easy conversation together and your officiant should be very agreeable to do whatever you want in your ceremony. The officiant should NOT dictate to you what you should or should not do. 

A professionally trained wedding officiant is a person who is specifically trained in every aspect of your wedding day. This person will need to know how to prepare a very loving and meaningful ceremony for YOU that reflects your beliefs and your hopes and dreams for your marriage.

You will need a person who is informed and who is experienced in the ways of the marriage ceremony.

You need a professionally trained officiant who can inform you how to get your marriage license based on which state you are getting married in and how to obtain your certified copy of the marriage license after the wedding.

You need a professionally trained officiant who can handle any unexpected or embarrassing moments that couple develop during the wedding ceremony.

You need a professionally trained officiant who is an experienced and professional public speaker and knows how to use a microphone.

You need a professionally trained officiant who know how to meet with the photographer, videographer and musicians prior to the ceremony, so that everyone is on the same page during the ceremony.

You want your officiant to be professionally dressed, either in a clerical/judge's robe, black suit, or black dress.

You need a professionally trained officiant who will provide you with a contract for services.

Choose your officiant by what you feel in your heart, as you will sharing a very precious time together.

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