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2012 New Jersey Bride "LOVE IT" Awards

Here are our 2012 "Love It" awards, a list of the companies in the bridal industry that we love and find instrumental in planning the perfect New Jersey wedding.

Companies on the "Love It" list have been selected for reasons ranging from the best view to the best value to the best dress salon (and more) but all have one thing in common; a level of expertise that meets the needs of today's brides.

"We're so excited to share our insider knowledge of the wedding experts in the state who we feel are "must haves" for New Jersey brides," says Editor Molly Tully. "Our Love It list is indispensable for any bride planning a wedding in New Jersey, making it the premier go-to bridal resource. These are all the professionals—grouped together all in one list—who we truly love and trust to create the wedding you've always dreamed of. We want New Jersey brides to love every detail of their weddings, and these are the people who will help make that possible."

With more than 250 companies on the "Love It" list in more than 40 categories, the list is a great resource for New Jersey brides.

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